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And I love to help women bring their visions to life!

Wanna know my five Kingdom Business Building Principles?

I’ll share the secrets of building a faith based business that’s purposeful, profitable, & honours God at the centre…

Trust me when I say, the journey of building a movement hasn’t been any walk in the park.

I first started this journey when I was working two jobs and renovating properties.

It’s taken faith, perseverance and a whole lot of determination to bring the vision to where it is today and God has met me in every stage of the way.

We Won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated by purpose

–  Bob Goff

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Christian Women

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Want to join my Peer to Peer Mentoring Group with other women who are on a bigger mission than themselves?

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Wanna join a community of like-minded women in business and receive practical resources to use in your business?


Automation Girl

Need some help automating your membership or online business? Maybe you want some mentoring to help simplify the overwhelm digital marketing can create…

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The Christian Women in Business & Leadership podcast is for those who want to learn and be inspired by others who have been there and done that in the world of Kingdom Business.

Your Mentor & host, SJ – Business Owner, investor, creative, & adventure thriller loving English chick, is on a mission to encourage you in your journey with her words.


Easy listening, with so much ‘real’ in every podcast. Total fav.

I’ve enjoyed every single podcast and have begun now, to revisit most of them to listen again. A wonderful message shared authentically to prompt growth in business, personal, and community.

5 very big, bold “starts’ from use over at @thevirtualmanagementsolitions

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SJ’s a woman on a mission to help others fulfill their purpose!