The thing I love most about my work is seeing God work in the midst of businesses and the love that He brings to peoples hearts.

Hey lady!

I’m SJ…

I am a creator, renovator, developer, automator, encourager, business owner and wife!  Life is never boring in our household and God never ceases to amaze me of what we might get up to next.

I started with this crazy journey called Kingdom Business back in 2013, when we sold all that we had and moved into a room with at my BIL’s so we could make our first development happen. 32 trees later and a LOT of stump grinding we finally had a plot of land we could build on. And so we build our first house and haven’t looked back since.

(I never forget the day I walked into that colour salmon-filled house and God told me to buy it. What an adventure it’s been since!)

From there, somehow I fell upon Digital Marketing and fell in love with it. One thing led to another before I knew it I was teaching people how to set up an online presence and building websites for people.

From that, Christian Women in Business was born and it’s given me the opportunity to do what I love best, encourage people!

There is something about bringing a community together of women who LOVE Jesus, and seeing them pray together, united as God intended.  

Since then we (hubby and I) have renovated six houses, we have moved over seventeen times, and I have managed to build two wonderful businesses that fill my love tank and allow me to be flexible, while using my creative skills as much as I want!

Now it’s time for me to help others, and give back what I have learnt. I am unapologetically determined to encourage others to live out their God given dreams.

A faith-based woman who loves God with all your heart, you want to do the best thing by God in your business, but you also long to work smarter not harder. You long for success and ready for the upgrades that come with being in Kingdom Business.

A business owner, investor and whose been there and done that. I get what it’s like to run a faith-based business and I am ready to empower you into who God wants and needs you to be. I am ready & willing to share all of my secrets. Why? Because seeing amazing women succeeding in their businesses is my mission.

We will knuckle down with some awesome GirlPower, and help you to build the business that you dream of, while bringing out that confidence in you that you’ve been hiding for way too long.

We will work out processes, automations, marketing, customer experiences.

We will make sure you’re not under pricing yourself. 

Together we will demolish your demons and keep you accountable every-step-of-the-way!

Together, we will get stuff happening in your business!


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