Heartfelt business mentoring for faith-based business owners…

Hey beautiful,

You’ve probably clicked on this page because you’re after some mentoring?

That’s awesome and good on you for stepping out and taking the step to get some help!


What does the mentoring look like?

We meet weekly for one-hour at a time for one-on-one session for either six weeks or a one-off via Zoom.


If you decide to go for the six-week option…

We will dive into the uttermost depths of your business to find out what’s working, what isn’t. We will sort out your processes, get your systems working great. Make sure you’re charging the correct amount, and work with God to get you on your way to build a purposeful, profitable business.

If you’re just looking for a one-off session we can go through you biggest troubles right now and work a way out of them.


Topics we can cover…

God • Business • Goals • Mindset • Finance

How the mentoring works?


You book in for a 15 min FREE Catch Up with moi, we will see where you’re at, if we are a good fit, you ask any questions, I ask some back, we talk about the dough

You can do that now if you’re really keen >>


We catch up, get on like a house on fire, we find you a slot and get you booked in for the next six weeks.

I have two options for you to choose from a one-off session or six weeks one-on-one, you and me together for the long haul.


We get to work…

(Not forgetting to have a little fun along the way!)

Who Am I To Tell You What To Do?

If we haven't already met, I'm SJ!

I am business owner, investor, creative, renovator/investor, and a woman of Faith. I have been in the online business space for a good six years, and I am the type of gal that likes having six things on the go at once and in no way do I apologise for it!

I grew my “fame” from Founding Christian Women in Business and I am on a mission to help pass on my wisdom, encourage you to be the best you and encourage you into taking the brave steps to build your business.

Keeping an ear out for golden nuggets from the Lord for you, all while having fun in the process!

... Things I am Great At ...

Run a service based business? I can help you sort out your processes, your client on boarding process, pricing, and get your business ready for scaling.

Need some help figuring out client retention? We can chat retention, getting new members, the on boarding process and client experience, plus all the things they don’t tell you about when running a community…

Gotta launch you need help working out the process? Maybe you need to sort out some systems, and turning those annoying repetitive tasks into well oiled automations.

I can also help you...

+ Build you up into a confident business owner who knows who she is and what she’s worth

+ Build your team or recruit your first VA

+ Get you prepared to run an event…

SJ is very knowledgeable and has experience in all areas of business. She has taught me about different types of investments, technical aspects of using WordPress, marketing and she has even helped brainstormed a few creative branding ideas for my business. 

As a result of our sessions together, I’ve been able to make important and informed decisions in my business about taking on investors, how to improve my website on my own, choosing the right email marketing automation for my business as well as helping me get creative again! 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my mentoring sessions with SJ and love how we share the same faith and are able to bring God to the centre of the conversation too.

Thank you SJ!

Jie Yu

Let’s Face It

What's included in your mentoring?

Six One-On-One Sessions working with me viz Zoom. These can be extended if you want to continue mentoring afterwards.

Gotta question that can’t wait until our session? You can email me at anytime and I will get back to you in the next working day or so.

As we go through our sessions together, you will be given homework and resources to use in your business to help you get focused on what’s important & help you understand different things as you need it.

When you’re working with God in the picture, anything could happen!

Nothing in our sessions are off topic...

What happens in our sessions, stays in our sessions. These sessions are all about you, getting you on track towards your goals, in your business and out (both important) and to help get you present in the moment so when you’re working, you’re at work, & when you’re with family, you’re with family.

About YOU...

+ You must be have been in business for at least two years

+ Be making $50,000 plus per year

+ Be willing to listen, hear, and do the hard work

+ Be open to what God has to tell you 😉

Let's do this...

Booking in for a “one-off session” Click Here >>

Got some questions - shoot them through to hi@theautomationgirl.com

“THIS is exactly what I needed! 

I have known and observed SJ for a little while now in both of her businesses and have aspired my business values and ethics from hers. SJ is a professional powerhouse when it comes to her businesses and I knew I wanted to learn from her! I was delighted when I asked her to provide some mentoring sessions for me and couldn’t wait to get it going! 


Three weeks in and I cannot even put into words how it has benefited me both personally and professionally. Other “mentors” I have had in the past have not gone to the lengths that SJ has. Every week she brings an exercise or a subject to the table and directs me where I need to go. She makes me feel that my business is important to her and most importantly I am important to her as well. I am working towards having complete eyes on my business and working towards increasing my confidence level (which includes asking for what I am worth!)

I am, and will be forever grateful for the gems she is teaching me, that I know are long lasting and not just a quick fix.
SJ’s style is amazing and she does everything from a place of love. 

Thank you so much SJ for your encouragement, information sharing and your love. So excited you have my back!”

Lou Mathieson

The Administration Agency